Vineyard Colville

Our Story

Several years ago God put this question to Steve, “I’m going to build a church in Colville. Will you do it with me?” Considering that it was God speaking, it was hard for Steve to say “no,” so the Vineyard was birthed in Colville with a little band of 12 people in February, 1996. We started with the blessings of friends in another local church who invited us to gather in their meeting room on Sunday afternoons. What a blessing to have the chairs all set up and sound equipment ready for us to use! Anyway, that summer we broke ground (and anointed the foundations) on the building on DeGrief Rd. and were meeting there by mid-September sitting on saw horses and scaffolding, running electricity from the pole across the parking lot, finishing the building as we went.

The adventure had begun!

Steve and Judy Greenough, founding pastors